Prayer for Enemies By Anselm

Perhaps the prayer Anselm wrote for his enemies will inspire you. Anselm (1033-1109 AD) was a monk, philosopher, theologian, and the archbishop of Canterbury. View his prayer [...]

Game Time

Titanfall 2

Pilots, Titans, and time travel—oh my! Check out Chris Clark’s full game review here and in the May 2017 issue of Young Salvationist magazine.


Dishonored 2 | Firewatch |
Horizon Zero Down | Overwatch |
That Dragon, Cancer | 

Sound Bite

Jon Foreman, lead singer and guitarist of the Grammy-winning Switchfoot, shares “An Open Letter to the American Church.” [...]

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Music Reviews

Check out our digitally exclusive music reviews. This month features Lauren Daigle’s song Come Alive (Dry Bones) and Andy Mineo’s song Hear My Heart. [...]

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Walking Dead

Learn About Characters From Salvation Army History

One Salvationist who put a modern spin on the psalms and prayer was Commissioner Flora Larsson. Through her writing, she captivated people throughout the world and encouraged them to enrich their lives through prayer. [...]

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Face Time

Meet Alexander Sánchez

Face Time

Alexander Sánchez felt invisible during his first year of college. He had never felt so all-alone as he did that year. During his second year of college, he at last found God in a real and mighty way. […]

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