The New Salvation Army Youth Bible Is Out Now!

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Perfect for door-to-door evangelism, camps, enrollments, Sunday School, and social events—the new Salvation Army Youth Bible is out now! Inside this NLT version of the Bible, you’ll find the ABCs of Salvation and youth testimonies from each Salvation Army territory. Order a case for your ministry today:

Sound Bite — YS Interviews Austin French

Austin French dreamed of being a contemporary Christian artist, writing songs that shared his faith and passion for Jesus. Read how his dream became reality and how he now has the opportunity to reach millions of listeners around the world in this month’s issue of YS[...].

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Game Time

Star Wars: Battlefront II

STAR WARS FANS: Are you ready for Battlefront II? Young Salvationist’s Chris Clark walks us through this galactic video game. Read his game review in the April 2018 issue of YS. [...]

Stardew Valley

Banner Image Stardew Valley Video Game

Think video games need to be action-packed and exhilarating to the max? Think again. Kyle Reardon explains why the peaceful nature of Stardew Valley can also be a rewarding experience. Check out his review for YS here [...]

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What’s On?

Movie & TV Reviews

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Looking for something different? Hugh Jackman is P.T. Barnum in The Greatest Showman, a musical adaptation of the beloved circus creator’s life. Or, in the mood for light sabers or jungle adventures? Micah Trimmer’s reviews also include Jumanji and Star Wars Episode VIII in this month’s “What’s On?” [...]

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Devotional Calendar

April 2018

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This calendar is meant to help you set time aside with Jesus. Decide on where you’ll meet Him, and choose a time when you won’t fall asleep or be distracted. You can download and print a copy of the calendar to keep in your Bible. Remember James 4:8, “Come close to God, and God will come close to you.” [...]

Listen Up!

Music Reviews

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Hear what Shyan Campfield says about singer/songwriter Cory Asbury’s song “Reckless Love” that just took top honors on Billboard’s Hot Christian Songs Chart and new hip-hop/rap artist Steven Malcolm’s musical debut album in this month’s Listen Up!  [...]

Walking Dead

Learn About Characters From Salvation Army History

Banner Image — Saving the Slums

Be inspired by the unwavering courage and devotion of the Slum Sisters as they took their love of God and service into some of the poorest innercity streets in this month’s YS. [...]

Discover Other Famous Salvationist

Face Time

Meeting Young Salvationists Face-to-Face

Banner Image of Salvationist Matthew Downs

Meet Matthew Downs. Matthew dreamed of becoming a film director. He’s directing but not in the way he once thought he would. Read how his walk with Christ changed his course in the April issue of YS. […]

Meet Other Young Salvationists


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NOW IT’S YOUR TURN! Take what you’ve learned from YS and apply it to the world.

From the Word, to an inspirational film, to crafting, find ways to strengthen and encourage yourself, your friends and loved ones in this month’s FYI. [...]

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