A Call To Prayer #YSPrays

Join Young Salvationist magazine in praying for the world. Use the prayer topics below to inspire you and use #YSPrays to spread the word.

Pray For: Poverty Victims
Pray For: Victims of Slavery
Pray For: Persecuted Christians
Pray For: Victims of Violence
Pray For: Refugees
Pray For: The Salvation Army
Pray For: A Zika Virus Cure

Sound Bite

Audrey Assad’s music has an angelic and ethereal quality that will inspire and touch your soul. In our interview, Assad shares her passion for the refugee mission, and talks about achieving freedom through Christ in her own life. [...]

Walking Dead

Learn About Characters From Salvation Army History

Saving Japan: Territorial Commander Gunpei Yamamuro

To accomplish anything great, it takes passion, drive, and commitment. For Territorial Commander Gunpei Yamamuro, these characteristics would fuel his mission to win souls for Christ. They took him from humble beginnings to becoming a driving force for The Salvation Army in Japan. [...]

Real Young Salvationists

Meet Jessica Chadic

For Gessica Chadic, 25, three mission trips overseas have presented phenomenal lessons in surrendering to God’s will for her life. […]

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