Game Time

Looking for new video games? Chris Clark will be reviewing new ones each month! This month, Chris walks us through Firewatch. Check out his full review in Young Salvationist magazine or [...]

Sound Bite

YS Interviews Lacey Sturm

If you haven’t heard of rock princess Lacey Sturm, you’re missing out. The Grammy-nominated artist led and co-founded the hard rock band Flyleaf and since 2012 has been rocking out even more in her solo career. On the heels of her second book, The Mystery, and her newest album, Life Screams (2016), Lacey shares her testimony for Christ and her reflections on holiness. [...]

Listen Up!

Music Reviews

Check out our new digitally exclusive music reviews. This month features Jimmy Eat World’s album Integrity Blues and Disciple’s album Long Live the Rebels. [...]

Walking Dead

Learn About Characters From Salvation Army History

Colonel Albert G. Pepper 1897-1978

Colonel Albert Pepper has been hailed as “one of the Army’s greatest holiness expositors” (Commissioner Andrew S. Miller). He taught holiness, not only in sermons, but more importantly, in how he lived. [...]



Face Time

Meet Rashad Poole

Face Time

According to doctors, Rashad Poole should have died a long time ago. The pain he endured as a child neglected by his father led directly to a life of substance abuse. Read Rashad’s salvation story in this month’s issue. [...]


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Discover what’s trending this month! [...]

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