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Friends David Leonard and Leslie Jordan joined forces in 2010 to form All Sons & Daughters. The Grammy-nominated duo released their fourth album, Poets & Saints (2016), in September to high acclaim. Its lyrics point to the truth that God never changes, but God changes everything, and was inspired by writers and saints from Christian history. The pair, along with their spouses, their pastor and his family, traveled to Europe to discover how God could connect these individuals (such as C.S. Lewis, St. Thérèse, and St. Francis) to modern believers. Leonard shares some experiences that inspired songs on the album, and how he connects with God during fast-paced and stressful times.

The following is a continuation of the interview from the December 2016 issue:

PM: How powerful! Could you tell us where the name All Sons & Daughters came from?

DL: We wanted something that meant more than just me and Leslie [Jordan]. Obviously, the name plays off the guy-girl thing, but we’re part of a church community and we wanted it to be about the people that we live and serve with. It felt like it engulfed that whole thing and made it all work.

PM: Have you and Leslie known each other for a long time?

DL: For about seven or eight years. Basically, when we started this thing is when we met. We got introduced by the worship pastor at our church at the time, because we had both expressed interest in writing for the church, specifically because we were both moved greatly by small groups and what God was doing there.

He planted on our hearts at the same time this desire to write for those groups. It was simply a desire to resource them with things we weren’t finding in other places. We were going through a season of lament and it was tough to find lament songs, so we wanted to write songs for the season we were in. That’s how it all started. We never intended anybody else out of our four walls to sing these songs. It was just one of those deals.

What vision do you believe God has given you for All Sons & Daughters? Where do you think God is taking you from now on?

DL: I don’t know and I think that’s been the beauty of it. It’s been one of those things that we’ve literally sat in it and gone, “God, whatever you want for this, we’re willing.” That’s what we’ve figured out. Even studying the saints, a lot of them weren’t ready to do the things that they were called to do, but they were willing to walk in what God had for them. We’re diligent with the things that we’ve been given, but we tend to stay in the present and focus on what’s going on now. The future is His and we will trust in what He has for us.

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Captain Pamela Maynor, Editor