Major Alexander Alexander

Major Alexander Alexander was a man who rocked two first names. He not only turned heads by his unique name, but by his radical living for others and denial of self. [...]


General Bramwell Booth

In the early days of The Salvation Army, believers reported many accounts of feeling God’s presence in physical or supernatural ways. General Bramwell Booth recorded some of these in his book, Echoes and Memories [...]


Commissioner John Carleton

This idea isn’t novel; it’s been around forever. Major (later Commissioner) John Carleton’s generosity was seemingly small in 1886, but because it came from his whole self, it still has rippling effects to this day. [...]


Brigadier Josef Korbel

Josef Korbel lived through a LOT—abuse, concentration camps, even losing his family. What’s most remarkable though, are the miracles that took place during his difficult times, and how Korbel held strong and choose thankfulness against all odds. [...]

Commissioner Flora Larsson

One Salvationist who put a modern spin on the psalms and prayer was Commissioner Flora Larsson. Through her writing, she captivated people throughout the world and encouraged them to enrich their lives through prayer. [...]

Major Marie Ozanne

The bravery and courage of Major Marie Ozanne fueled her calling to step up and act. Despite having her life on the line, she defiantly broke the rules to spread the gospel. [...]

Colonel Albert G. Pepper

Colonel Albert Pepper has been hailed as “one of the Army’s greatest holiness expositors” (Commissioner Andrew S. Miller). He taught holiness, not only in sermons, but more importantly, in how he lived. [...]

Lt. Colonel Mina Russell

Mina Russell has been hailed as “one of the Army’s foremost exponents of holiness.” How she got to that point —  surrendering to the will of God. Learn more about this faithful servant of the Lord [...]

Major Sin Soo III and Major Noh Yong Soo

Major Sin Soo III and Major Noh Yong Soo were two courageous soldiers in The Salvation Army’s valiant fight for Jesus in Korea. [...]


Susie Swift

Service for others and agape love was written all over Susie Swifts life. Though she left the Army, her time of love and service was pivotal to growing the Army’s mission. [...]

Commissioner Gunpei Yamamuro

To accomplish anything great, it takes passion, drive, and commitment. For Territorial Commander Gunpei Yamamuro, these characteristics would fuel his mission to win souls for Christ. They took him from humble beginnings to becoming a driving force for The Salvation Army in Japan. [...]