Face Time

Meet the Alequín family

Image of Alequin Family

Meet the Alequín family. Carlos Alequín and Omayra Velázquez were searching for wholesome, safe, activities for their two teenage children, Aleyra and Jahziel.They found that, and so much more, at the Ray & Joan Kroc Corps Community Center of The Salvation Army in Guayama,Puerto Rico. Read their story in the November issue of YS. […]

Meet Jon Blanchard

Face Time

Two people figure prominently in Jon Blanchard’s life, leading him to a covenant with God that has radically changed his life-direction.  […]

Meet Joseph Cohen

Banner Image of Salvationist Joseph Cohen

Meet Joseph Cohen in the December YS. Read about Joseph’s journey from agnosticism to faith—who knew that an afternoon ringing bells would turn into a path leading to salvation. […]

Meet Lieutenant Heather Dolby

Lt. Dolby had grown up a slave to the spirit of Fear. Hear how she took the authority through her relationship with Jesus and put her faith in the love of Christ rather than Fear [...]

Meet Matthew Downs

Banner Image of Salvationist Matthew Downs

Meet Matthew Downs. Matthew dreamed of becoming a film director. He’s directing but not in the way he once thought he would. Read how his walk with Christ changed his course in the April issue of YS. […]

Meet Charles and Dajuan Hill

Image of Charles and Dajuan Hill

Meet twin brothers Charles & Dajuan Hill. These two hearts beat with the same love for Christ and a desire to bring others to a Savior who gives joy and purpose. Read their story in the October issue of YS. […]

Meet Mena Lang

Banner Image of Salvationist Mena Lang

Meet Mena Lang. Beginning as a four-year-old homeless girl longing for security she has become a Christian woman determined to show others how to rely on God. Read more in this month’s issue. […]

Meet the Marquez family

Banner Image of Salvationists Marquez family

Meet the Marquez family of Salem, OR. As accomplished musicians, they add harmony to the music ministry at the Kroc center. Beyond the music, they bless this corps with the desire to serve God faithfully. Get to know them in this month’s YS. […]

Meet Rashad Poole

Face Time

According to doctors, Rashad Poole should have died a long time ago. The pain he endured as a child neglected by his father led directly to a life of substance abuse. Read Rashad’s salvation story in this month’s issue. [...]

Meet Alexander Sánchez

Face Time

Alexander Sánchez felt invisible during his first year of college. He had never felt so all-alone as he did that year. During his second year of college, he at last found God in a real and mighty way. […]

Meet Michael Smith

Banner Image of Salvationist Michael Smith

Michael Smith stood on a second-floor balcony, faced with a horrible dilemma. Read his incredible story of salvation in this month’s YS. […]

Meet Lieutenant Amber West

Banner Image of Salvationist Lt. Amber West

Meet Lt. Amber West in the January YS. Amber often felt lonely—not because of lack of friends or outgoing personality—she had both. Read how it took maturing in her faith for her to realize that even when she felt alone, she wasn’t.  […]

Meet John and Megan Wilcox

The old saying goes “good things come to those who wait.” For John and Megan Wilcox, nothing could be more true. Read their love story [...]

Meet Lieutenant Blake Wilson

Image of Lt. Blake Wilson

“At this camp (the Army’s Camp Del Oro), I was told that I was important, and valued, and loved. I realized that if I wanted this feeling to continue when summer was over, I needed what all the other staff members had—I needed to accept Christ as my Lord and Savior.”  Meet Lieutenant Blake Wilson. Lt. Wilson found there was no place like home in his walk with Christ. Read his story […]

Meet Michelle Winters

Face Time

God used one bittersweet summer to show Michelle Winters just how great He really is; and how turning from one’s own will in surrender to His is best. […]