FYI – April 2017



If you were active on your social media during the Christmas season, you may have seen the book challenge or the gift challenge going around. Basically, you add your name to a list and, theoretically, 36 books or gifts come back to you. It gave me an idea. Instead of committing to a “gift circle,” why don’t we instead create our own prayer circles?

I’d encourage you to take your issue of YS to two or three of your close friends. Commit to pray for one another, as well as for another person outside of your group. Then, approach that person, tell them you’ve committed to praying for them, and ask if they’d like to take the challenge and pray for someone else. You will not know how far your prayer circle goes, but God will, and He honors each and every prayer we send to Him.


I was recently at a conference where the speaker compared prayer to a spear. The blade and tip are the programs in the church: the events, the things we do where we desire people to come to Jesus. The blade doesn’t do much if it doesn’t have the shaft, the driving force, behind it. The more force that’s applied to the shaft, the more force the blade has, and the deeper it penetrates. We can try to do things in our own strength. We can try to be an example of Jesus to our friends, family, or strangers. We can be leaders at our churches. But if we don’t apply prayer to the things we try, we will be using up our own strength.

Make April a month of the POWER of prayer in your life. Instead of trying to do everything yourself, turn it over to God! Commit half an hour of prayer each morning to Him. Pray that you would be an example, a friend, a light for Him, and He will do it! Pray for your corps, your community, your school, wherever He has placed you in this moment. He wants you to use that “driving force” and give energy to a life lived for Him!


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