FYI — May 2017



I have news for you: the devil is lying to you. He is doing everything he possibly can to trip you up, to confuse you, and to get you to believe things that are not from God. And he is crafty! He wraps up his lies with a silver bow, making them sound reasonable, sensible even. Why would Christians say that is wrong when the world has such valid points?

When you are struggling with what is right and wrong, instead of asking the world, we should be talking to our Christian counsels: our pastors, youth leaders, and local leaders. If they don’t know or don’t have biblical references, look to the Bible together. Another great resource is The Salvation Army International’s website ( There is a tab under “Our Faith” called “Positional Statements” that goes through why we believe what we believe on a lot of hot topics. Each statement is full of biblical references and explanation. Don’t believe Satan’s lies, uphold Christian integrity in every area of your life.


When I was in college, I made a few hundred bucks a month doing odd campus jobs. It wasn’t a lot, but I was not a good steward of it and I didn’t tithe to my corps. I thought that my little contribution wouldn’t make a difference and I didn’t have a lot of money, so I was hesitant to spend it on other things than myself (especially when my cell phone bill was due).

The Lord commands us to give 10% of our income to the church. Have you ever wondered why? It’s certainly NOT because He is punishing you! He asks us to do it for our good! Not only do we learn selflessness and how to give to others freely, but  we also benefit so much from our corps. My corps has a monthly “family meal” together, they keep the chapel nice and warm during the winter and cool during the summer, they offer after-school programs, young adult nights, and our Bible Bowl team had a night of bonding and quizzing with pizza and yummy treats. The church pays for those things; how are they going to turn on the lights when we won’t support them? Consider your own stewardship habits and ask God to give you the courage to do your part. We can change the culture of giving in the church: it starts with one person willing to do what God calls them to.

Rachael Boynton | Spring Valley Corps | Greater New York