Are You Called?



What first got you interested in your area of work?

I work in the technology field—a field not heavily saturated with female influence—so making the jump from the typical post-high-school retail job to a technology-marketing career wasn’t an easy decision. Learning about new technology is completely fascinating, however, I had worked for years merchandising different Gap stores (and still do on occasion—if I need a good visual fix), but that’s not what drove me to that career. Understanding and facilitating specific human interaction with my product is what really did it for me—knowing what makes people tick. I could put the ugliest jeans on a mannequin, and by the end of the day—we’d be sold out. It’s understanding human nature and the desire for affirmation more than anything. So naturally, the jump into marketing for a technology company interested me. Marketing is a unique field that still allows me to figure out what will drive a customer’s propensity to buy, versus what will send them directly to our competitors.

What do you love about your job? Why do you love it?

People. Not necessarily those with whom I work, but more those with whom I am working to create for. I’m wholly fascinated by what causes people to do what they do, why sending an email three times is truly the way to begin to get someone’s attention, and why an ugly website will send people running as fast as they can, as far away as they can. It’s all about understanding the psychology of people, and those who are in marketing thoroughly enjoy understanding the nature of people. I love many aspects of what I do, and there are many aspects that are difficult—however the most important aspect is people.

How does God use your job to reveal His calling on your life?

As mentioned, my job is highly focused on people and understanding what makes them tick. I believe God has used this not only to show me issues that people deal with, but to show me the passion in my heart for people. If you had asked me eight years ago if I liked people, it would have inevitably been met with an eye-roll coupled with a scoffing “NO!” As I spend time learning about people, I become more fascinated with them. Taking the time to be present with these people is my calling—to teach those who, in this scientific world, very rarely get a glimpse further into a Christian mindset. The time I have spent working in the secular world has taught me one simple thing—this is not my home (praise the Lord!). My heart desires more than what this world has to offer, and I pray daily that Christ’s light is shown to those in my workplace. My biggest calling is to love others no matter the circumstances.

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Captain Pamela Maynor, Editor of Young Salvationist