Interview — Kari Jobe


Kari Jobe’s timeless songs have carried listeners to the feet of Jesus over and over again. With more than 1 million albums sold, a Grammy nomination, multiple Dove Awards, and praise from The New York Times, Jobe is the most-followed female contemporary Christian musician on social media with a following that exceeds 3.5 million.

Jobe’s new album, The Garden (2017), speaks to hope in the midst of loss, peace in the midst of uncertainty, and God’s presence in the midst of pain. In the time leading up to The Garden, Jobe experienced both indescribable joy and unimaginable pain. Jobe shares her story with YS.

Young Salvationist: How did you first meet Jesus?

Kari Jobe: I grew up in a Christian family and my parents traveled doing church ministry and evangelism since I was young. I was saved when I was five-years-old.

YS: I’m so sorry to read of the heartbreak that hit your family when your sister, at seven-and-a-half months of her pregnancy, delivered her stillborn daughter. You were four months pregnant with your son at the time. How did you get through such a depth of pain, while being a support to your own sister?

KJ: It was a very difficult time of course, but I knew enough in my relationship with God that I pressed into Him and prayed a lot—asking for His peace, hope, help, and healing. There were days I had to battle with fear for my own child and I really had to cry out to Him to protect me and help me not to worry. My sister is so precious, and she and I had some of the sweetest conversations. It was a very hard time—but I have seen God do miracles in our whole family through this experience.

YS: You said, “The Garden is true intimacy with the Father, and it’s a place where He intended for us as humankind to be surrounded with His creation…I want to lead people into intimacy with the Father. It’s something that’s so important as we walk through stuff in our lives.” How do you personally experience intimacy with our Father?

KJ: Relationship. I walk very closely with the Father having daily conversations. I learned at a young age how important it is to learn to hear His voice and obey what He’s saying. That takes relationship and really knowing Him.

YS: What’s one of your favorite songs on The Garden?

KJ: “Speak to Me.” It’s really powerful every night when I sing it on tour, and I love that it’s helping people create space to let Him speak to them and learn to wait on His voice.

YS: What would you say to those who may be experiencing a rough hit from life? How do we experience hope, peace, and God’s presence in the midst of difficulty?

KJ: Press into Him. Go after Him by asking Him to speak to you, and to show you things He’s doing in your life. He is a good God, and in due time, God can turn even the hardest of situations to beauty and help you see redemption in it. It doesn’t always happen over night, but lean into God and wait on Him. He’ll do amazing things in your heart along the journey to healing.

Today, Jobe and her family continue to discover restoration through glimpses of God’s goodness. “The healing that He’s been bringing to my family and the way that He’s met us in our pain, it’s made me realize how many people are going through really intense pain and disappointments and trials,” Jobe offers. “There’s a lot of people who have lost babies or family members out of traumatic experiences. My eyes have been opened to that in a whole new way.”

She’s also viewing her platform in a new light since giving birth to her son, Canyon. “I feel more of a maternal instinct now in my worship leading, even declaring things over people,” she shares, adding, “At the end of the day, my favorite thing now is just to be on the floor playing with blocks and reading books. Nothing else really matters. If I just became his momma and a wife, I’m fine with that. I just feel more settled than I’ve ever felt in my life.”

Through experiencing life and death, side by side, Jobe has found God to be inextricably faithful because she’s learned to trust the Gardner and the beautiful, unseen ways He tends to our hearts.

“Everyone who’s seen something grow out of the dust realizes God was up to something in the midst of pain and questions. He never promised that it would be easy or that it would be pain-free, but that He would never leave us or forsake us,” Jobe said. “I’m more aware of His presence than I think I’ve ever been. God has surrounded us with things that will be life-giving if we take a moment to realize it. God’s always at work in our lives. He truly does go before us and prepares the way for the journey ahead.”


Captain Pamela Maynor, Editor of Young Salvationist