YS Interviews Travis Greene


Travis Greene is a rising star in the Gospel genre, having been covered everywhere from trade magazines like Billboard and Rolling Stone to lifestyle publications like Essence Magazine, TMZ, and The New York Times (only to name a few). In 2017 Greene received acclaim for his performance at the President’s Inaugural Ball and received seven awards at the Stellar Gospel Music Awards. Alongside his wife, Dr. Jackie Greene, and a passionate team, they lead Forward City Church in Columbia, South Carolina, where they raise their two sons David Jace and Travis Joshua.

“I have been raised to be the voice that goes into the dark and desolate places to expose the life of Christ,” says Greene. “I am not satisfied with doing the minimum when I encounter God, because when you are truly in His presence something changes.”

Pamela Maynor: We read that you were pronounced dead twice in your life before you entered kindergarten. Could you tell us about those miracles?

Travis Greene: Sure. When I was born it was reported that I was stillborn and was not breathing, and my mom and dad prayed over me. They really held God to His promises that He had given them concerning me, for my birth, and God restored my life.

When I was four years old, I fell four floors out of a window while we were living in Germany. I was pronounced dead by doctors on the spot. They covered me with a white sheet, and literally pronounced me dead and said it was over. My mother came and picked up my lifeless body, and she prayed, and God restored my life. Those are two times that literally I shouldn’t have survived, but God intervened and here I am.

PM: How have those experiences impacted your view of the power of prayer and of God? What about when prayers don’t get answered?

TG: Yeah, they have impacted my view of the power of prayer, and of God. It’s become very obvious to me at a young age that God hears and responds. I mean, my life isn’t filled with all these highlights. There were tough times, too.

One of those was when my father died, while he was only 28. My mother prayed then, that God would perform a miracle, but it was his time. And maybe there was a miracle performed, but it just wasn’t in the way that we wanted. And so I don’t know if prayers ever go unanswered, but the answer might have been in a different way. I believe that God is good, and He hears us, and He loves us, and He knows what’s best.

PM: What word do you have for our readers who struggling to know their purpose in life, or haven’t had their prayers answered?

TG: For those who are struggling to know their purpose in life, I say it’s very simple. I think everyone shares a similar purpose, and as long as you bring whatever your purpose is through the filter that God outlined in the Bible, I think that you’re destined to win. Everyone’s purpose is the Great Commission (Matthew 28:16-20). To know God, to grow in God, and to go for God. To let everyone around them know of the goodness of Jesus and to represent Him in such a way that you make an impact. In the Bible, Jesus commands us to be salt and light (Matthew 5:13-16), helping to bring flavor and to do away with darkness. I think those are two of the major filters.

PM: Your website says you’ve accepted the challenge to “continually unify the body of Christ as one.” That’s a huge mission. How do you do that?

TG: One way that I do that is through music. Music is the universal language. I don’t know if there is anything more powerful to break down barriers than the sound of music. It automatically disarms people and helps to get people in one accord, and so that’s one way that I’m trying to bring unity everywhere.

PM: Tell us about your new album Crossover (2017). What was it like recording it live?

TG: Crossover was inspired by one of my favorite stories. It’s about Exodus, when the Israelites were transitioning from Egypt into the Promised Land, from bondage into freedom, from darkness into light, from death into life.

I think it’s time for us as believers to get involved with our future and move forward. Quit holding on to things that were in the past. Really embrace the future that’s waiting for us, and engage the culture around us. That’s why we went with the name Crossover. We wanted to inspire and encourage people to crossover from what was, to what’s waiting.

And the live recording experience was one of a kind. I enjoyed every moment of it. We just had fun. The way I record, I get with some of my friends who share in a gifting of music, and we get together and just go. As we record, we pray that people are blessed by it.

PM: What’s your favorite song on the album?

TG: My favorite song on this upcoming record would be “You Waited,” because of how it ministered to me. It was a tremendous blessing to me to consider the patience of God. And so for me that song ministered in a major, major, major way.

— Captain Pamela Maynor, Editor, Young Salvationist