FYI — September 2017



Over the past few years, I developed a habit of always having something “on.” What do I mean? The moment I get home from work, I turn on my speaker and listen to music as I prepare dinner or unwind from a long day. At night, I like to listen to the soothing sounds of late-night television as I fall asleep. Recently, I was reading an article that said 53% of teens listen to music or some sort of entertainment as they’re studying or performing other tasks.

Although God could speak to us in the midst of noise, He also wants our full, undivided attention. That means music off, cell phone off, TV off. How about trying this for five minutes a day? Figure out what distracts you and be willing to give it up. So practice now! Take out your headphones, turn off the TV, and practice sitting in silence. That may sound silly, but turning off the outside noise can help us turn off noises in our heads that distract us from God.


In our current society, it can be very hard not to share every aspect of our lives on social media. Sometimes, God may lead you to put a Bible verse on social media. Go for it! But, here’s something to think about. If there is a verse or passage that the Lord brings you to, then as your world is quiet, ask Him: Lord, is there anyone specifically that You would like me to share this with? Sometimes a verse is meant for us in a particular moment in our lives, but other times you may feel a friend, relative, or person you know come to mind. Allow the Holy Spirit to lead you and feel free to share that Scripture!


Would you consider praying this prayer? Lord, thank You. Thank You for giving me life, thank You for sending Your Son to save me, and thank You for listening to my every prayer. Lord, I want to listen to You the same way You listen to me: quietly, expectantly, and joyfully. Sometimes I find it hard to hear Your voice, even when I have no problem coming to You in prayer. Lord, will You please teach me how to listen to You? Will You show me the unique ways You speak to me? And Lord, will You draw me ever closer to You as we converse each day? Thank You, for I know You answer each and every prayer and long for me to clearly hear Your voice. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

I am praying this prayer over you today: may you hear Him clearly, and may your heart grow closer to Him each day.

—Rachael Boynton | Spring Valley Corps | Greater New York