Seeing Beyond the Clouds

Image girl looking toward the clouds

The voice of God is a magnificent reality. Think of it. The Creator of the entire cosmos desires to relate to us intimately through speech. Sometimes we have trouble hearing God speak, but we must live within these seemingly silent experiences, firmly established on what is true. God is steadfast love; He never forsakes us; He is the Word, and He is speaking. Even if there seems to be a cloud surrounding our relationship to Him, a shadow cast over us making it difficult to communicate, we must remember that the reality that is veiled behind the clouds does not change.


The one true God is triune, a three Person being of mutual, self-giving relationship. Before the creation of time, space, and matter, God in Himself, as a triune relationship of consubstantial Persons—Father, Son, and Spirit—is in conversation. To be a Person, divine and human, is to love, to communicate.

God is love and the Word. His self-offering nature possesses creative properties. The existence of creation—of all that is—came about through triune communication. This is continually offered to us, without reserve. Jesus is the Lord God, your Creator. He is the Word, the God who speaks with absolute creative power and love. He’s speaking to you. His Word has power to re-create you.

“I will listen carefully to what God the LORD is saying, for He speaks peace to His faithful people. But let them not return to their foolish ways” (Psalm 85:8).


Will you listen? God the Son wed Himself, united His divine nature with our human nature so that He can re-create our dust into His dream of who we truly are! You will only be the true you when your heart is turned all the way to His, when your ears are open to His voice, feeding on His Word, breathing in His Holy Spirit.

Samuel Logan Brengle reminds us that there are times when God, in His mercy, hides Himself from us when what we’re seeking is inferior to the greater satisfaction He longs to give us. When we are listening for His voice, are we seeking something that we want to use for ourselves? Or, are we seeking Him personally? Our motives might be causing the cloud. Are you seeking what He can do for you? Or is He alone your first and highest desire? A level of intimacy in relationship with Jesus, the living Word, is necessary to hear His voice.


Our world seems pretty absurd, doesn’t it? Maybe your own life feels like folly at times. The definition of absurd is wildly unreasonable, illogical, or inappropriate, preposterous, ridiculous, idiotic, stupid, foolish, inane, imbecilic, etc. That sounds like what we spend much time feeding upon through Netflix or social media. It’s fascinating that the root of the word “absurd” in Latin (surdus) is deaf, dull. Absurdity is the result of deafness! There is a voice that speaks truth in love, that gives clear guidance amid many false enticements—that voice, however, is lost in the cacophony we choose instead—cacophony meaning harsh, dissonant, discord, meaningless noise. We cannot hear God’s voice. We are deaf to it. For lack of truly listening, our lives are absurd. The Word calls and has something to say to us! Does He find us already occupied? Are our ear buds in and we’re laughing hysterically at the cacophony of absurdity turned up so loud that we will not hear Him? Is your deafness causing you to live a life that is absurd? But then are demands made upon God to speak with instant answers of perfect clarity?

He intends to subvert the absurdity of our lives. Are you positioning yourself to really listen? Or, are you turning up the “white noise” with your ear buds so you can’t hear Him? Are you cluttering your life with busyness and clamor, a cacophony of meaninglessness? There are wonders all around. Are we missing them?


The voice, the Word who is God, is whispering sweet secrets to your heart that He wants to have rock your world. He wants to speak into the beautiful silence and sacredness of your being and pierce any dark clouds with Light.

Isn’t it interesting that the first, non-negotiable essential of being a disciple of Jesus is having quiet time? Listening. Being still. Trusting. Being vulnerable. Waiting. Hearing. Daily worship, which is exchange: my life, for His Life. Every day sitting with Jesus, reading the Bible, receiving His Word, encountering Him face-to-face in an unveiled intimacy. And when we can’t hear Him as we’d like, we trust in who He is, His nearness, that fact that we belong to Him. We are His. We wait on Him and rest.

When our personal pain is so severe we can’t hear, He understands and speaks implicitly. From the time I was about 12 years old I suffered with doubt about God, His existence, and His love. For years it felt like my whole life was enveloped in a dark fog. It was heavy. It hurt every fiber of my being. When I graduated from high school, I was given a Bible with a note written inside about how with the very words on the pages I could find reality that satisfies within. I felt like death, so I figured it was worth a try. I didn’t like the pages dense with words, so I found myself in the Old Testament where the formation was more poetic. I lived in Isaiah and the Psalms. Immediately, I could tell these thoughts were not of this world. God pricked my heart with light and created a hunger for more. One day I found the words in Psalm 27 about God inviting me to seek His face. I had no idea what that meant, but it sounded amazing. The God of the universe stooped down into my darkness and began to breathe love and belonging to my heart through the Bible.

I came to know Jesus in a way too intimate to describe. He whispered to me in the secret place, “Would you be Mine? Would it be okay with you if you followed Me utterly? Denied yourself entirely? Allowed Me to be your only portion?” It was a marriage proposal. I was young, but old enough to have been hurt, harmed, disgusted, confused, and living in a fog of stench, loneliness, feeling unloved, unwanted, and full of sin and self-pity. His voice was the most beautiful sound I had ever heard. I said, “Yes.” The depth of wonder, deep calling to deep, waterfalls cascading over me, His love better than life itself…Yes, there is no speech to describe this intimacy. It’s an exquisite, private joy. A pearl.

The Bible, His Word, is the place where we all are invited to hear His voice, to turn our hearts to Him in order to have Him unveil our face, to become one with Him, to be transformed and re-created by His Spirit into His dream for our life.

— Diane Ury, Associate National Ambassador for Holiness