It Takes Two

Banner Image of Charles & Dajuan Hill

Twin brothers Charles and Dajuan Hill have become a force for good in the urban community of Dorchester, Massachusetts—especially through the mission and ministry of Boston’s Ray & Joan Kroc Corps Community Center.

These two hearts beat with the same love for Christ and a desire to help those with a sad, sorrowful heart come toward a Savior who gives joy and purpose.

“I’m a member of the Intervarsity Christian Fellowship (ICF) at Bridgewater State University, where I’m currently attending college,” says Charles, who, by the way, serves as president of ICF.

“Our group comes across other students almost every day who are suffering from depression and anxiety. The important thing we try to do is to help them avoid falling for the lies of the enemy. Their lives are worth living and they are precious beings that God loves and created for a purpose,” Charles explains.

The brothers’ concern for other teens and young adults carries over to their heavy involvement at the Boston Kroc Corps. Charles and Dajuan came to the Army almost entirely because of the godly influence of their grandmother, Deanie Robinson—a soldier of the corps.

Image of Charles and Dajuan Hill with Grandmother Deanie Robinson

Charles & Dajuan Hill owe much to their grandmother, Deanie Robinson, who raised the twins and was instrumental in their finding Christ as Savior.

“I joined The Salvation Army because of my grandmother,” Dajuan says. “I see the joy and happiness that she went to church with, and then came home with.”

Dajuan adds that another reason he became a Salvationist was because he “felt it was time to give myself to God. I always knew when I was a young boy that when I got older my life was going in God’s direction.”

One of the influences, no doubt, is by his grandmother.

“She had been coming to the Kroc Corps almost since it opened in 2011,” Charles says. “After I was born-again in February 2014, I began looking for a church home and was invited by the corps officer at the time, Major Travis Lock.”

“I made the decision to be born-again because the more I learned about Christ, the more impressed I was of Him,” Dajuan says.

Dajuan began “hanging around the Kroc center” and even began attending one of the Bible study classes.

“Getting that knowledge of Christ is the reason I became born-again,” Dajuan explains.

It turns out, what attracted both young men to the Army was not only their grandmother, but also other soldiers of the Kroc Corps who continue to inspire and support them in their growth as Christians.

“I’ve never been around a group of people who are so willing to see, teach, and pray with me. It honestly feels like a second home,” says Dajuan.

“What attracts me to the Army is the leadership and commitment the soldiers here put forth. The Salvation Army is more than just a group meeting on Sundays. The Army actually cares about our community and each relationship we make,” Charles says.

Image of Dajuan Hill Singing as Part of the Praise and Worship Team.

Dajuan Hill is a member of the Praise & Worship Team at the Ray & Joan Kroc Corps Community Center in Boston, MA.

The Hill twins realize how important it is to remain firmly rooted in Christ and to trust in the Holy Spirit to guide them, especially from worldly influences.

“Not being around Christians and going through things without family around could be a very difficult thing,” admits Dajuan, who studied theatre from 2012-2016 at Salem State University. “God lets me know I’m not alone and that even though we experience struggle, right after the stress comes success!”

So what advice would each of them give to other young adults struggling with the problems of life?

“Come to God!” Dajuan asserts. “He loves you! And He has a plan. God is always there for me and I know He’ll be there for you, also. Just give Him a chance!”

Charles is quick to add: “I would say to them, do not be afraid to take risks. High rewards come with great risks. There are going to be times when things may feel overwhelming, but that feeling is only temporary, and your reward will last a lifetime!”

—Major Frank Duracher, Assistant Editor, USA National Publications