Listen Up! — December 2017

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Image of Album Cover Jason Gray

Artist: Jason Gray
Album: the Accoustic Sessions
Stars: 5/5

Jason Gray recently released an acoustic album that I cannot stop playing. The singer/songwriter hails from Minneapolis, Minnesota. In his EP, the Acoustic Sessions, Gray takes theological texts and makes them applicable to real-world concepts. He does this in his medley called, “I Will Rise Again/ Thieves In The Temple.” In the Bible there are references to turning God’s temple into a house for thieves. The medley pairs this idea of thieves in the temple with the words “ I will rise again.” This creates a beautiful message that even when you let sin into your temple (your body), with the help of God you can return to Him once again. This is my first time ever listening to any of Gray’s music, but this album simply left me awestricken. I would definitely check out this album.

Image Single Cover "Your Soul Must Fly" Derek Minor

Artist: Derek Minor
Single: “Your Soul Must Fly”
Stars: 3/5

Derek Minor is best known for his rap and hip-hop music. He grew up in Pontiac, Michigan. Derek writes clever raps that always leave you with a message. His song, “Your Soul Must Fly By,” almost got passed up by me. I’m not a big fan of the chorus, which is very annoying, but there was a certain line that stuck out to me. His lines “No possession on this earth can match my worth, God taught me that” really resonated. This is a powerful reminder that these earthly things we cling to and covet cannot match our worthiness in God’s eyes. You’re worth more than the newest Nikes, a Michael Kors bag, and the iPhone X put together. This song also gives a reminder not to fall victim to things of this world. If you do check this out, take a minute to think about the words.



—By Shyan Campfield