FYI — January 2018



A few months ago, there was a song on the theme of “Sorry Not Sorry” that was crazy popular. The music was so catchy and fun, but if you listened to the words, they were not God-honoring. I couldn’t help but wonder, “What would this song sound like if it WERE about God?”

That’s when I stumbled upon Beckah Shae on YouTube. Beckah takes popular songs on the radio and turns them into Christian music. Not only is Beckah a great singer, but she is very creative with the lyrics, all while sticking to the original music and beats that are so fun to dance to. Check her out! You might find a remix of one of your favorite songs!

Stay tuned! YS will be interviewing Beckah Shae in our February issue!


#SorryNotSorry dominates social media, but the underlying message is the same: I’m sorry to say, I’m not sorry.

  • What in your life are you NOT sorry about? Your love of ice cream? The adorable selfie you couldn’t help but post? Your favorite song?
  • What about your beliefs and your love for Jesus?

There are more than 10 million posts on Instagram with #SorryNotSorry. Are we not sorry about what we believe? Let’s prove it! This month, let’s flood the hashtag with our posts: Bible verses, pictures in Sunday school, Christian magazine articles.

Make sure to tag @youngsalvationist as well! Together we can show the world what it means to be #SorryNotSorry about Christ!


Our world is becoming a more difficult place to be a Christian. With so much anger and disagreement, the second greatest commandment of loving our neighbors can be the furthest thing from our minds, and our testimonies can easily be disqualified when we don’t live out these values. How do we put aside our personal feelings and love those around us?

Recently I read an article from Charisma Magazine called “Five Ways to Love Like Jesus,” which spoke to me about my own Christian walk. This article provides some great insight, including praying for the people around us. I recently started praying for individuals when I’m irritated or disappointed by them, and it’s amazing how God can change your attitude in those moments and fill you with love for that person. It’s not easy, but God calls us to an unapologetic love for everyone.


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—Rachael Boynton | Spring Valley Corps | Greater New York