FYI — February 2018



As part of my job with The Salvation Army, once a year I get the opportunity to attend an employee spiritual retreat where we learn about connecting with God and ways we can worship Him. At the last retreat, I was sitting in a Bible reading session when one of my older coworkers confessed that she had never read through the entire Bible. My heart broke for her! The Lord has provided the ultimate path of worship through His words to us, and He wants us to take advantage of it our entire lives!

Worshipping God can be as simple as reading. If you haven’t read through the entire Bible, take the challenge today! The plan I’m working on is the Solid Life “Whole Bible” Reading Plan from Now, don’t feel bad if you miss days here and there and take longer than a year; and don’t think you have to start on January 1st to do a reading plan! It’s not the time it takes, but the fact that you are committing to knowing God’s Word and worshipping Him through it.

—Rachael Boynton | Spring Valley Corps | Greater New York