Listen Up! — February 2018

Image of Single Cover NEEDTOBREATHE

Single: “COUNT ON ME”
Stars: 4/5

The band NEEDTOBREATHE is from Seneca, South Carolina. They are most known for their Christian rock music. Their single, “COUNT ON ME,” is a wonderful reminder that we can always count on God when we need Him. This catchy tune is just the pick-me-up you may need. The song relays the message that “you can count on Me.” We all have times in our lives that we struggle and feel alone, but there is always someone we can count on. That someone is God. The song says you can count on Me “when you don’t feel strong enough.” God give gives us that strength. It also says that “everyone needs a pick-me-up” and we can get that pick-me-up from God. I think this song could benefit from another verse, but I love the background beat.

Image Album Cover Hills and Valleys Tauren Wells

Artist: Tauren Wells
Album: Hills and Valleys
Stars: 3/5

Tauren Wells was born in Battle Creek, Michigan. His pop album Hills and Valleys is full of catchy songs that will make you want to move. His songs have a young Justin Bieber vibe. If you’re not a Bieber fan, don’t let what I just said turn you away from his music. This album is full of songs with great messages that anyone could love. My favorite song is called, “When We Pray.” This song reminds us how powerful prayer can really be. Not just at an individual level, but as a world. When one person prays, it is effective; but when a whole community prays, it can be revolutionary. If you listen to the whole album back-to-back, all the music can begin to sound the same, but if you listen to the songs spaced out, then I’m sure you’ll be fine.

—By Shyan Campfield