Listen Up! — April 2018

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Image Album Cover— Reckless Love — Cory Asbury

Artist: Cory Asbury
Single: Reckless Love
Stars: 5/5

Cory Asbury is a singer/songwriter from North Carolina who is part of Bethel Music. Asbury’s music has a worship-filled tone and his newest album, Reckless Love,is no different. The title track brings you automatically to a worshiping state of mind. The song highlights God’s “overwhelming, never-ending, reckless love of God.” You may think that calling God’s love “reckless” is the wrong adjective. I would have completely agreed with you, until I heard this recent hit. Asbury looks at God’s love as this force that is willing to go through everything just for us to experience it. His song brings a fresh new perspective to the forgiving, father-like love of God. This song gives a fresh perspective and praises God’s love. Anytime you feel a need to be closer to God, I would turn this album on.

Image Single Cover—Steven Malcolm

Artist: Steven Malcolm
Single: “Not to Us/Good Love”
Stars: 3/5

Steven Malcolm grew up in Grand Rapids, Michigan. He is a new artist who focuses on hip-hop and rap. His recently released collaboration is called The Second City: Part 1. Of this album, the song that stood out to me the most is, “Not To Us / Good Love.” This song is a combination of two songs that begins with a hymnal; then the beat drops and the rap begins. The hymnal is not too grabbing. Because of that, I almost turned off the song and began looking for another one. At just about that time, the beat finally dropped. This whole album is Malcolm’s testimony. Once the rap started I couldn’t turn the song off. I really enjoyed hearing his testimony. He is a new Christian and is using his music to tell his story. I think the beginning hymnal is a slow start and needs something else to push it to the next level, so, I’m only giving this song three stars.

— Shyan Campfield