Listen Up! — May 2018

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Single Cover Image — My Epic

Band: My Epic
Single:”Of Wilderness
Stars: 4/5

Based in Fredericksburg, Virginia, My Epic has produced some of the most beautifully passionate, artistic, and convicting songs I’ve heard from the Christian industry in recent years. Though more ambiguous than previous songs, “Of Wilderness” follows suit. It deals with full reliance upon God as we step out of our polished religious routines to follow Him. In the Bible, the wilderness was often shown to be a place of both instruction and communion. The Israelites wandered in the wilderness for 40 years learning obedience to God, and Jesus practiced full dependence on the Father during his 40 days in the wilderness. As the lyrics speculate: “I think we’re all lost till we’ve lived in the wilderness.” The sound is often muted and muddled, further reinforcing the motif and providing restraint to the track. If you enjoy music with substance, be sure to check out My Epic; you won’t be disappointed.

Image Single Cover—Nine Lashes — Breaking Out

Band: Nine Lashes
Single: “Breaking Out
Stars: 3/5

Nine Lashes formed in Birmingham, Alabama in 2006 and have released four albums since then. Their musical style could be likened to a mix of Red, Skillet, and We As Human. “Breaking Out” showcases a good balance between the electronic elements (which at times sound like a Theremin) and aggressive riffs that are characteristic of their sound. The song touches on perseverance, the freedom we have from sin, and the eternal hope we have in Christ. Nothing in particular really stands out to me as extraordinary, though the Theremin-sounding electronics are kind of fun and unique. There are a couple of catchy hooks and the chorus is easy to rock out with. Despite clocking in at over three minutes long, the song’s structure makes it seem much shorter. All in all “Breaking Out” stays within Nine Lashes’ comfort zone but still provides a solid and enjoyable track.

— Caleb Trimmer