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“I want my life to look ‘different’ because of the difference Jesus has made,” says singer/songwriter Micah Tyler. Different (2017) marks Tyler’s first full-length album. This Texas-based musician received a nod for “New Artist of the Year” at the GMA Dove Awards. Tyler shares his journey from driving a sausage delivery truck to becoming a musician, all while giving God the glory and honor.


PM: When did you first decide to follow Jesus?

MT: I was raised in an interesting house. My dad is Catholic and my mom is Baptist, so I kind of grew up as a “Batholic.”

Both of my parents love the Lord, and it was neat to see how each of them worships in different ways. When I was 10, I went to a Vacation Bible School in the little town of Buna, Texas, where I’m from.

The pastor of our church started talking about salvation, talking about our need for Jesus and what it looks like to be a follower of Christ, and what Jesus did on the cross for our sins. In that moment I remember having the Lord. I really felt my need for Jesus, even at age 10. That night I came home and was asking my mom tons of questions, and the next morning I went to my pastor and said I wanted to receive Jesus and follow Him as a Christian.

I was raised in that church in Buna. I’ve never lived outside of that small town. I actually graduated from here and married my high school sweetheart. My wife Casey and I have been married for 14 years now.

It was even in that church that a youth pastor spoke into my life, and at 17, I  felt that I was called to ministry. I wanted to have the same kind of impact on young people that this youth pastor was having on my life. So I surrendered my heart to ministry at 17.

PM: What are you most excited about on your new album?

MT: It was amazing to work with a label for the first time and make this record. I didn’t know what to expect but, for me, what was so exciting was that we got to take our time. We sat there for a year and a half writing this album. I was never rushed to do anything, because I told them, I said, “I want to make sure that whatever I write lines up with Scripture and that it’s something I can battle test in my own heart.”

I want to make sure that if anybody asks me a single lyric on this album, there’s not one single time where I can’t say, “No, I’ve actually lived through that. Let me tell you my experience in that.”

It’s a freeing thing to get some things off my chest. It’s also a vulnerable feeling for people to be able to kind of open up my journal over the last two years and see what we’ve been walking through. It’s been exciting, too, because I love being able to hear someone say, “I feel that way, too.” The enemy has a way to make us feel like we’re alone, and there’s some very vulnerable spots on this album.

As a dad of daughters and as a husband to a wife, I’ve got a couple songs on there. One’s called “If She Only Knew,” and one’s called “Beautiful,” that I feel like I’m trying to champion the women in my life and let them know that the Lord loves them fully right now. He already thinks they’re beautiful before they put a stitch of makeup on. No matter what the Lord tries to take from them, He’s got something for them.

There are songs on this record that talk about how the Lord wants to use you as an instrument in His hand. What the Lord does in us, we never recover from. There’s songs of coming back after we messed up and knowing that the Lord will restore us, and there are songs of vulnerability saying, “God, I just want to be different next to You. I want to be different because of You.”

For me, I just went through and laid out what the Lord’s been doing for the last two years, so I hope there’s something for everybody, and I hope that there’s some things to tap your foot to, too.

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Captain Pamela Maynor, Editor of Young Salvationist