FYI — Summer 2018



No relationship will ever fill the spot in our hearts created for and by God. You can try to fill it with a significant other, but the thing is, we’re human, and humans fail ourselves and others all the time. We will never get the intimacy and connection that our souls crave from another person; we can only get it from God.

I encourage you to create a space where you can commune deeply with God. After your devotions or time in prayer, ask God a question: “Father, what do you think of me?” In that moment, you may feel a lot of things. You may feel silly, you may feel like anything that comes to mind is what you want to hear, or you may feel nothing. Push aside every thought and fear, and ask God again. He wants to speak directly to your heart and love your soul. He is simply waiting for you to open up and listen.

—Rachael Boynton | Spring Valley Corps | Greater New York