Listen Up! — Summer 2018

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Single Cover Image — Dierks Bentley's "Women, Amen"

Artist: Dierks Bentley
Single: ”Woman, Amen
Stars: 4/5

Dierks Bentley is a country musician who is most known for the bluegrass sound in his music. He was born in Phoenix, Arizona. Recently, Bentley released a song called “Woman, Amen.” His music is mostly secular with the occasional religious reference. However, while listening to this song, I couldn’t shake the religious themes in it. The song is about a man who is thanking God for the woman he has in his life. My favorite line of the song says, “Thanks for the moon and the stars up above/ Forgiveness’ of sin and your undying love/ Every twist every turn for the way you made sure/ All my roads led to her.” At this point the song loses its secular vibes and becomes a prayer to God. Throughout most of the song, he is thanking her for everything she does, but at this point its turns to praising God for her and everything He does.

Image Single Cover—Phil Wickham— Living Hope

Artist: Phil Wickham
Single: “Living Hope
Stars: 5/5

Phil Wickham is a San Diego, California native. He is a singer/songwriter that mainly performs worship music. He recently produced an album called Living Hope. The title track brought me to tears. Its worship-filled tone pairs nicely with the beautiful lyrics. The first verse begins with a testimony of struggles and then beautifully recounts the resurrection. This song taps into your emotions and makes you feel the anticipation and joy of the resurrection. Lyrics like “Then came the morning that sealed the promise/ Your buried body began to breathe/ Out of the silence, the Roaring Lion/ Declared the grave has no claim on me” bring new life to Christ’s resurrection. This song would be perfect for any worship service. I would definitely check it out!

— Shyan Campfield