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Fortnite Battle Royale — 4/5 Stars

2018 is the year of battle royale games. This 100-player, free-for-all phenomenon has taken the gaming world by storm. New battle royale games come out every month, but none have managed to unseat the genre’s most popular title – Fortnite Battle Royale, developed by Epic Games.

In Fortnite, players compete on their own or join with friends in squads of up to 4 players. Fortnite has two standout features. First, its silly cartoon aesthetic tones down the violence for a more friendly experience. Secondly, Fortnite is free.

Fortnite is 100% free to play, with an optional “battle pass” for purchase. This “battle pass” unlocks character outfits and weapon skins, as well as the popular emotes that allow players to dance and gesture at one another in the game. Fortnite’s free access is the secret to its success. With no upfront cost, there’s no reason not to try it, and most players get hooked on Fortnite with their first game.

Fortnite doesn’t take itself too seriously. Alongside the typical guns and grenades of other shooter games, Fortnite also features goofier weapons, like the Boogie Bomb, a disco-ball grenade that makes opponents dance.

Fortnite is best played with a group of friends in a squad. Playing in solo mode can be tense, with sneaking around and lonely firefights. When playing in a squad, the game is suddenly much more dynamic. Not only can you help one another in fights. You can also save your friends that have been knocked down, share items and coordinate a variety of exciting team tactics. Fortnite is great for an entertaining night together.

As the battle royale fad continues, I don’t foresee Fortnite becoming less popular anytime soon. It’s free, it’s fun and it’s a blast with friends. I recommend it.

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Chris Clark | Portland | Northern New England