Listen Up! — October 2018

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Single Cover Image — Lauren Daigle "You Say"

Artist: Lauren Daigle
Single: “You Say

Lauren Daigle’s 2015 Album How Can It Be quickly shot her into the spotlight. Now, with Look Up Child and her single “You Say,” Daigle has returned and is trying to be present.

As her debut album has dominated the contemporary Christian music scene and caused her to become a “star” within a short amount of time, the Louisiana-based singer has had a lot of new attention thrown her way. Daigle opened up about wanting to take her time to release the next album. “The sophomore record can be a make-or-break record,” Daigle told Jim Asker of Billboard on a podcast.

To what I think will be our benefit, this first single takes a step in a new direction from her last album, ditching 808 drum samples, overproduced vocals and general faith-based themes that can at times feel like sung “Christianese.” The end-result is a sensitive yet powerful vocal performance with Daigle’s smoky voice being supported tastefully by an arrangement that makes sense without having us rolling our eyes. The comparison to Adele will be hard not to make.

Daigle chooses to speak on her insecurities and anxiety, directly making the song feel less mass-produced and more authentic. The jury is still out on whether or not the rest of the album will be like this, but things seem to be looking up.

Sam Arias, Central Territory