YS Themes 2017 | 2018

February 2017 Sexual Wholeness. This issue will address the Biblical understanding of sex and healthy boundaries in Godly relationships. What is and isn’t a pure relationship? Does being pure mean having a boring relationship? Where and how does God fit into romantic relationships?
March 2017 Lent/Self Denial. This issue will explore denying ourselves in a self-indulgent and materialistic world. What does this look like? What is the history of Lent? Why is self-denial important, and how can it help us in our spiritual walk? How can we offer ourselves to God? What does the Bible say about fasting
April 2017 Power of Prayer. During this month of Easter, we will study Jesus’ prayer. When and how should we pray? How can we take time to listen to God as well? How does prayer influence our lives, our relationships with others, and our relationship with God? Is it possible to pray for our enemies and forgive them?
May 2017 I Promise. We will look deeply into the soldier’s covenant. What does it mean, and it is still relevant for us today?

Summer 2017 Calling. What is a calling? How do we determine our calling? How can we use our talents to serve the Lord in what we do? For a secular vocation, what tips on applying for colleges can be useful to readers?
September 2017 There’s an App for That! Address social media, and how to manage it. How can we use social media to deepen our walk with God? Can it be an evangelical tool? What are some positive effects of using social media? What are some of the dangers of social media and how can we be on the look out for them (harmful trends, trafficking, etc)?
October 2017 Mental Illness. Address self-harm, suicide, depression, loneliness, and addiction. What is the reality of these? What’s the difference between feeling sad versus having depression? What are some healthy practices everyone can take to lower stress and stay psychologically healthy? What resources are there to help those struggling with mental illness, or those who are caring for someone with a mental illness? Why is having a mental illness stigmatized and silenced? How can we break the stigma?
November 2017 It’s Okay to Laugh. Let’s address the stereotype that church is boring. Why do we go to church? Is it okay to have fun, and if so, are there boundaries to that? What is clean fun? Do non-Christians really have more fun? Are Christians more restricted and confined, or more free?
December 2017 A Salvationist Christmas. Compared to other denominations, the month of December looks very different in The Salvation Army. What is the history of the Christmas traditions in our church? How did bell ringing, angel tree, food distributions and our brass band first begin? Why do we participate in these activities? What do they have to do with the real Christmas story?
January 2018 What’s Different. Do we look twice at people who look, sound, or even learn differently than we do? Let’s be made aware of the stereotypes, and challenges of young people who are “different” to us. In this issue, you’ll also discover what type of a learner you are.